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Miss Tourek's Story

When asked the question, "What does Paradise mean to you?", I am filled with so much joy. Paradise is a paradise! I have had the amazing opportunity to be a student myself on all the Paradise campuses. Those experiences, as a student, have had a deep impact on my adult life today.


Growing up in the Paradise Community you are pushed to be the best "you" that you can be. This is a school that made me feel intelligent, capable and worthy of so many opportunities that my young self didn't even know were out there. This is where my passion for teaching stemmed from. Growing up in a supportive community such as Paradise, I knew I wanted to make other young students feel this way, too.


While I took a short four year break from Paradise to attend college locally, it was not long before I was observing and student teaching on this campus that brought me so much joy. While I had done observations, mini lessons and more on other campuses there was not a school that brought that "I am home" feeling like Paradise did.


All of those feelings, happy memories, and confidence that I had as a student, immediately returned as I walked through those office doors to be greeted by Ms. Synthia, who still, years later remembered me - that, that is what Paradise is to me - home, a community, the best choice I have ever made. It is my PARADISE! 

Miss. Hailey Tourek 
Paradise Honors Elementary School 
1st grade Room G9